This is the only video work that I have ever published as Frau! The song, entitled “Aku” (translated to English: “Me”), speaks about the stages of a personal breakdown; where the subject acknowledges her/his emotional trajectory and embraces the experience as an opportunity to reconstruct the ‘self’.

I shot the video myself, on a train ride from Reading Station to Gatwick Airport in London. I have always loved train trips, as you get a snippet of sceneries of both cities and rural areas. Aside from that, gazing out train windows is an activity that is best accompanied with personal reflection; as the constant progression of trains ensure stability and a sense of certainty to arrive at one’s destination.


Waktu terhenti, semua berlari Time has stopped, everyone running
Mengejar entah apa, untuk merasa lagi Chasing God knows what, just to feel again
Raga di sini, antara sunyi My body is here, in silence
Pribadi t’lah terserai, siapa aku ini? I’m shattered to pieces, who am I?
Sesal dan marah s’limuti Shame and anger blanket
mataku, telingaku, bibirku, kepalaku my eyes, my ears, my lips, my head
Namun itu perlu, untuk kusingkirkan, But it is necessary, for me to step aside,
pelan-pelan, dan temukan aku gently, and find myself
Kuambil satu kepingan aku I take one piece of me
Pungut juga lainnya, rangkai aku yang baru Take another, to shape a new me
Secuil semangat terselip A slice of courage is tucked in
Segenggam kasih menyeluruhi A handful of love is spread across it
Sebongkah akal yang telah jernih A bit of reasoning that is now clear
Segaris senyum.. A simple smile..
guna hadapi kini. to embrace the day.


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