Friendly 2011

This year has started off very exciting for Oskar and me. I myself had a great New Year’s party with my big family, then had a week of vacation as I did some tests for last semester’s classes. The two weeks of tests went on quite quickly and it was not that long ’til it was all over. Hehe.

On January 8th, the Frau team headed to Jakarta to play at Ruang Rupa’s 10th anniversary at Galeri Nasional the next day. The gig itself was fun. The stage was low, the room was quite small, and the crowd was sitting down. It was very warm and cozy, and I enjoyed singing and playing with Oskar that night. Another great thing about it was that we got to meet old friends. I was a bit sick on the 9th and the 10th, and that was kind of a bummer, but it didn’t stop me from having a good time 🙂
On the 10th, I got the opportunity to take a rest and give a final touch on the 8 songs I was about to perform on the 11th at LIP Jogja. I had only 3 months to make those 8 songs, and I was running late on the songwriting. But anyway, I managed to finish them on time, and try to memorize them (I ended up reading the lyrics off my book anyway, hehehe).
The 11th, the day. After submitting a paper (test) at campus, I headed to LIP for rehearsals and just adjusting to their baby grand piano. Long story short, the performance in the night ended well. There were a few mistakes (can I actually say this here? Oh well, whatever.), but I enjoyed it very much. It was probably because of the euphoria I usually get after playing at gigs, but I don’t really think that it was just a euphoric feeling, because I didn’t regret anything about the performance the next day and after.
The next days were gone through as a vacation! I did -literally- nothing. And it was fun in some way, to have such a nothing-to-do vacation. I had spent the last two years’ vacations in Pekalongan, Central Java, doing research with my campus mates. I decided to not go this year.
Then came February. We greeted February by going to the airport, early in the morning on the 2nd. Makassar, South Sulawesi was where we were going. Yeah, the first time Frau performs outside of Java! 🙂
Makassar was just amazing. The city was so cool with monuments, an underground mall, really cool beaches, and buildings that were just aw-making. Another highlight about Makassar was THE FOOD. We tried Pallu Basa, Mie Titi, Seafood at Paotere, Coto, and Konro. They were all sooooooo good. Oh ya, the gigs were also fun. Haha, all that food talk just made the gigs sound not so fun huh. I also got to go to Universitas Hasanuddin to see my fellow Anthropology students there. That was fun, and we got to go out together. They were so nice and very friendly.
The ending of the Makassar trip was a bit of a not-fun part of the whole trip. Our flight was canceled at the last minute. We were already heading to the airport when we got called about the cancelation. The airlines said that the plane didn’t leave from Jakarta, so they didn’t have a plane to go back to Jogja that night. Later on, we got to get a ticket from Makassar to Jakarta at 11 PM (WITA), then from Jakarta they would fly us to Jogja at 5 AM. That sounded like the best alternative, compared to a flight to Surabaya the next day and taking the train from there. I had to be in Jogja by noon anyway, for the Cobra workshop I had gotten myself into.
So there, we got to Jogja in the morning, at 6 AM. My mom was there to pick me and Oskar up. I got home and slept until noon. Then I went to Jogja National Museum for the workshop with Oskar. This whole project was just extremely fun. I had so much fun playing the piece with the other musicians. The Indonesian musicians were: mas Rully S (Zoo’s vocalist), mas Wukir (Bambu Wukir), mas Dani (Armada Racun’s bassist), mas Tony Maryana (a kendang player), and mas Sony (SeekSixSick’s guitarist). The others were from Australia: David Shea (keyboards and samplings), Oren Ambarchi (guitarist –but he played the prompter), Robin Fox (computers), Robbie Avenaim (drummer), and Tim O’Dwyne (saxophone player). You can check out details here.
It was such a great experience for me, because I’m not that good at improvising. Haha. So to tell you the truth, I was very very nervous before and after. I was afraid to not fulfill everyones expectations of me. But at the end of the show, those worries just flew away. I was just too happy to be a part of the game, that it didn’t matter anymore. It was just too fun to be worried about. For pictures, you can click here.
I hope the rest of 2011 will be as fun as these first two months. I’m not really looking forward for Frau gigs (and probably will be cutting down on them -except if they’re at a place I’ve never been to! Hehe.). I’ll be focusing more on my school work, there’s the KKN, and next semester I’ll be doing my skripsi. Musical stuff would be a smaller part of the consideration of my time this year. It’s kind of sad in some way, but in another way, it would be more of a happier time if I get through lesser gigs. Hehehe.
There. I’ve said it. This is the longest post I have ever posted on this blog. I should be congratulated for this. Cheers and have a great 2011! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friendly 2011

  1. Dear Frau,… my name is Wondo… I'm from a small city, Muntilan. To make short the story, I got to know about you from my friend who posted in our mailing group about you. Right away I do open the youtube and your blog,… and to make me surprised, you are so adorable. Your simplicity is mesmerizing me and many people indeed. Yet, you still want to be who you are,…you still have yourself. You don't let yourself down by the popularity and you have a good direction for yourself. The most interesting part for me is, you just want to have fun as who you are with your music and that's the point. The soul is not for sale. Congratulation, Gbu always. Btw, reading your story in your blog and from many others is really make me so proud of you. A such young lady who is like a star with her simplicity has been brightening the dark murky music bisnis. You are a good example for our young musician and artist. thank you so much Frau… Maturnuwun….

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